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Research  Interests 

Biomedical signal processing and computing
    Time-frequency/scale analysis
    Fourier, Hilbert, and wavelet transform applications
    Signal detection and estimation
    Data visualization
Data Science and Analytics
    Doppler ultrasound
    Non-invasive implantable measurement/sensor systems
    Medical electronics
    Low power digital design,
    ASIC/SoC design
    SoC for biomedical applications
    Wireless applications in healthcare technologies
Digital communications
    Spread spectrum/CDMA systems
Software Engineering

Research Projects

  • Music recommendation system based on acoustical features, PI, TUBITAK 1505, 100000 TL, 2019 - 2022
  • Synchronized Diabetes Monitoring System, CI, TUBITAK 1003, Turkey, 713290 TL, 2018 - 2022
  • Implementation of the Cortical Measurement System to be used in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Neuropathic Pain, PI, Yildiz Technical University, Scientific Research Funding, Turkey, 15000 TL, 2016 - … .
  • Design and Implementation of a Hardware System for Analysis and Monitoring Motile Objects in Biomedical Images, PI, Yildiz Technical University, Scientific Research Funding, Turkey, 15000 TL, 2016 - 2018.
  • Infrastructure Development for Biomedical Imaging and Diagnostic Systems, Consultant, Turkish Ministry of Development, Turkey, 2650000 TL, 2016 - … .
  • Real Time Implementation of Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform in FPGAs for Parallel Processing Multi-channel Doppler Ultrasound Signals, PI, Yildiz Technical University, Scientific Research Funding, Turkey, 15000 TL, 2014 - 2016.
  • Pose Estimation of Objects for Computer Vision Based Robotic Systems, PI, Turkish Ministry of Industry (SAN-TEZ) project, Turkey, 74410 TL, 2013 - 2014.
  • State Water Works (DSİ) Water Database Project - DSI / SVT, researcher, State Planning Organization (DPT), 332240400 TL, 2006 - 2008
  • Collaborative immersive visualization techniques for the interpretation of cardiovascular function in critical care medicine, CI, EPSRC (GR/S82190), UK, 85000 GBP, 2004 - 2006.
  • IDEAS - Integrated Diagnostics for Environmental and Analytical Systems, researcher, SHEFC Research Development Grant 130, Scotland, UK, 3500000 GBP, 2001 – 2004
  • Developing and evaluating an automated embolic signal detection system based on wavelet processing, researcher, British Heart Foundation (PG/99064), UK, 80000 GBP, 1999 - 2002.
  • Fuzzy C-Means Based Clustering Algorithms Approach to Magnetic Resonance Image Segmentation, CI, Gebze Institute of Technology, University Research Committee, 15000 TL, 1997-1998.
  • Development and implementation of multi-frequency Doppler System, PI, Gebze Institute of Technology, Scientific Research Funding, 15000 TL, 1995-1997.

Research Supervision

Sajjad Nematzadehmiandoab, PhD (current), Artificial Intelligence in Bioinformatics.
AB Waheed, PhD (current), Machine Learning for Biomedical Signals
Durmuş Aydoğdu, PhD (current), Recommendation Systems.

Hacer Bayıroglu, PhD (current), Biomedical applications of speech processing techniques.
Kadir Kırtaç, PhD (completed, 2023), Deep Learning Based Surgical Phase Recognition in Laparoscopic Videos
Mecit Yüzkat, PhD (completed, 2022), Computer Aided Sperm Detection and Investigation of Its Mobility.
Ahmet Elbir, PhD (completed, 2020), Implementation of a music recommendation system based on acoustic features.
Özlem Batur Dinler, PhD (completed, 2020), Automatic speaker verification system using deep learning methods.
Coşkun Kazma, PhD (completed, 2019), Design and Application of Tactile Stimulator System.
Cafer Avcı, PhD (completed, 2018), Development and implementation of intelligent traffic management system in main arteries.
Halil Hakan Tarhan, PhD (completed, 2017), Development of an enterprise resource planning software and intelligent decision support system tools.
Hamza Osman İlhan, PhD (completed, 2017), A system implementation for analysis and tracking motile objects in biomedical images.
Elnaz Pashaei, PhD (completed, 2017), Meta-analysis of microRNA and gene selection using machine learning.
Elham Pashaei, PhD (completed, 2017), Splice site detection using machine learning.
Ferhat Canbay, PhD (completed, 2016), Implementation of complex discrete wavelet transform on reconfigurable architectures.
Zeyneb Kurt, PhD (completed, 2013), Comparison of various gene regulatory network inference methodologies.
Maruf Erkek, MsC, (current), Music Recommendation System.
Yunus Atahan, MsC, (Current), Music Genre Classification.
Alyaa Abdulhussein Mahdi Alrwstim, MsC, (completed, 2017), Blind audio source separation using independent component analysis and independent vector analysis methods.
Sinem Şentürk, MSc (completed, 2009), Applied genetic algorithms approach to curve fitting problems.
Görkem Serbes, MSc (completed, 2009), Analysis of quadrature Doppler signals with a modified dual-tree complex wavelet transform.
Şakir Çağlar Toklu, MSc (completed, 2008), Nonlinear displacement analysis of trusses using ant colony optimization.
İnci Zaim Gökbay, MSc (completed, 2007), Machine learning techniques in breast cancer detection.
Fatih Kaleli, MSc (completed, 2007), Computer aided diagnosis of breast cancer.
Türkalp Kücür, MSc (completed, 2007), Data mining techniques in emboli detection.
Baycan Kaçan, MSc (completed, 2007), Comparison of the automated and non-automated methods in GSM for cellular network management.
Bülent Çobanoğlu, MSc (completed, 2005), Implementation of Taylor method by the use of microcontrollers.
Ömer Baybora Aydın, MSc (completed, 1998), Time-Frequency Analysis of Doppler Signals.
Musa Ardoğan, MSc (completed, 1998), A real time Doppler signal simulator.
Hüseyin Babayiğit, MSc (completed, 1998), Comparison of maximum frequency envelope detectors for Doppler signals.
Mete Kısacık, MSc (completed, 1998), Wavelet Transform applications to analyse Doppler ultrasound signals from lower limb arteries.
Cüneyt Fırat, MSc (completed, 1996), Continuous wave Doppler blood flow monitoring system.
Design and implementation of low-power reconfigurable discrete complex wavelet transform algorithms for biomedical and telecommunications applications. (MSc)
Low power implementation of quadrature digital oscillators. (MSc)
Implementation of low power coding architectures/IPs for an integrated microsensor. (MSc)
Reconfigurable Blocks For Discrete Cosine Transform Applications. (MSc)
High Performance Reconfigurable Low Power SoC Architecture for Mobile Platforms. (MSc)
System Integration of Reconfigurable Blocks (DCT and Motion Estimation Reconfigurable blocks with microprocessor based platform). (MSc)
Design and Implementation of a Complex Continuous Wavelet Transform on a Reconfigurable Platform for Real-time Operation. (MSc)
VHDL based FPGA design for a Laser/Tracker detector system. (MSc)


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